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Pellican Fly Sorter


The Pellican FLY recognize, count and automatically divides the dirty garments by washing type, size, color, material, etc. and the clean garments for customer, department, floor, etc.. .
You can also choose your custom sorting parameter, to meet personalized requirements.
The Pellican FLY sorts the items by a jet of calibrated air and directs them to a basket or cart.
It is a simple machine, it consists in a conveyor belt, on which the garments are thrown one at a time, and by a reader that reads the RFID tags or barcode from the garment and identifies it with total reliability.

Based on the identification code of the garment, Pellican FLY acquires the information it needs from the database (in charge of the customer), the tape carries the garment in front of the nozzle that blows it into a  basket or a cart - THE SORTING IS DONE!  With maximum reliability and simplicity for high productivity with minimal costs.

The system, with a single operator not specialized, allows, therefore, of:

  • RECOGNIZING that the garments are inserted;

  • Automatically ROUTE garments;

  • COUNT exactly the sorted garments.

The machine is supplied as standard with 6 outputs, it can be customized with a different number of outputs.




Sorting time:

1 piece every 1,5 seconds*


With: cm 90
Height: cm 150
Lenght: cm 840


Kg 300


86 mt/min

Power supply:

3x400 Vac + land + neutral


50 Hz

Installed power:

1,5 Kw

Average power consumption:

1,3 Kw

Line pressure:

min. 6 bar - max 10 bar

Average air consume:

950 Nl/min

Number of modules:


Fixing and handling:

Fastening with adjustable legs and wheels for moving

Data imput:

RFID or barcode readers

*the sorting speed depends by the efficiency of the: barcode, chip, manual handling process.

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