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The Pellican software is designed to better manage the traceability of the garments and flat linen in the laundry process.
This process is done through the physical marking of the garments and flat  linen, and reading an RFID tag or barcode label during the laundry process, using RFID or barcode readers, to identify the status.

The capabilities of the software are as follows:

  • Easy "Touch Screen" interface, to avoid the use of the mouse in the laundry;

  • Users management by enabling permissions;

  • Multi language;

  • Data management: Customers, Facilities, Laundry, Guests, Subcontractors, Tags, Barcode, Items, Price lists;

  • Online inventory inside and outside the laundry for status of the process;

  • More than one million user-configurable reports;

  • All hardware is managed by a configuration file;

  • Combo reading mode (RFID - Barcode);

  • Exports to Excel and PDF;

  • Automatic Backup Management;

  • Through the Pellican Server service, you can access online the data both internally (local network) and outside the laundry without database replicas using internet;

  • All software runs on Windows OS.

The Pellican software is compatible with the suppliers of RFID tags and readers available in the market and it can be customizable to the reading hardware of the suppliers.

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