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The SuperWind can sort all kinds of flat linen and garments (napkins, tablecloths, towels, bed linen, workwear and personal clothing ... etc). It consists in a muted ventilation system. The air generated is channeled through a tunnel in which the operator of the loundry must to put the laundry to be sorted.

The operator have to insert an item at a time and it can be sorted manually  or reading the information from a microchip or barcode, the piece of flat linen or garment will be sorted in the right exit. The machine it made of modules and it can be assembled in according to customer requirements.

The first module is the ventilation system and the input of the garments, the other  modules, may have an exit on one side (choice) or a two exits on both sides; you can attach up to 4 modules for a maximum of 8 exits + 1 final.

The SuperWind is able to limit the direct contact of the loundry operators to the dirty material (source of contamination) or clean (risk of recontamination of the garments) such as to allow a continuous cleaning thanks to the powerful airflow that it allows and easy cleaning through the numerous openings: antibacterial products may be placed in the air flow to be easily sprayed into the machine.





Sorting time:

16 - 20 pieces for minute*


With: cm 130
Height: cm 140
Lenght: cm 580

Power supply:

220 V - 380 V


50 Hz

Installed power:

3,5 Kw

Line pressure:

4 bar - adjustable

Number of modules:


Data Imput

Manual, RFID or Barcode readers

*the sorting speed depends by the efficiency of the: barcode, chip, manual handling process.

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